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Pari Vios Instructional Nebulizer Video

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Cleaning Your Nebulizer

Pari Vortex Informative Video

About Your Nebulizer


NebPros proudly distributes the Vios Sprint LC Nebulizer. This nebulizer works up to twice as fast as other pediatric nebulizers, offers the lowest particle size (less than 5 microns), and offers an industry leading 5 year manufactures warranty. 

  • From whom am I purchasing this nebulizer?

    • Your doctor has prescribed a nebulizer for use by you our your child. It is being purchased by you from Bencor Medical DBA Neb Pros.

  • Is this covered by insurance?

    • All major health insurance companies cover this type of medical equipment. Neb Pros will file a claim, on your behalf, to your health insurance provider.

  • Will there be any out of pocket expenses?

    If you have not met your deductible, you will be responsible for the purchase of this nebulizer. ​

    • The price of the nebulizer is determined by your insurance company.

    • Please be aware your chosen insurance deductible must be met before your insurance company will pay for medical equipment.

    • Your doctor's office does not know the particulars. such as deductible, co-insurance, or co-pay, of your insurance coverage. 

    • IF you have questions about your particular insurance coverage, please CONTACT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY. 

Patients with Medicare or Humana:

These insurance companies will purchase a nebulizer but it will be billed as a 10-month rental. Even though we are contracted with your insurance company and bill them as purchase, this "rental to purchase" is mandated by your insurance company and will be your machine.  

Cleaning Your Nebulizer

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