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Bencor Medical partners with physicians and hospitals across South Carolina and Georgia. We provide care for our patients as we specialize in nebulizers and knee walkers. Depending on the service, we either provide home delivery or consignment closets for your practice for rentals and purchases. Please fill out the form below to become a partner.

We Provide Industry Leading Equipment Conveniently

NebPros stocks Pari nebulizer kits, the clinical choice in aerosol delivery,  in your office. When a nebulizer is prescribed, you are able to immediately provide the patient with the machine. We will file insurance claims and answer all patient questions.


Bencor Medical delivers and picks up knee walkers directly to and from patients.

CEU Opportunities


Bencor Medical will keep this page updated with the information and training videos.

Technology & Benefits of Pari Reusable Nebulizers 


How Your Office Benefits

Additional Revenue

Provides an opportunity to add to billing by offering in-house treatment and instruction.

In-house Treatment & Instruction

When a staff member provides hands on instruction, it not only provides you with additional revenue, but also a higher probability of patient compliance.

Positive Feedback

Patients will leave with a sense of security that will leave a lasting positive impression.

How Patients Benefit

In-house Treatment & Instruction


No Hassles

Parents do not have to track down a local DME store that has a nebulizer in stock and pick it up, while caring for a sick child.


NebPros only distributes the best products available in the industry. Your patients will leave knowing they have the fastest reusable nebulizer that delivers consistent particle size for targeted delivery to the lungs while wasting less medication. 

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