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  • What is a knee scooter?

You may have seen people sporting a cast, carrying on daily activities with the help of a fun looking device that is called a knee scooter. Knee scooters first made an appearance as an ambulatory walking aid just over 30 years ago and are a fantastic alternative to crutches since they do not require upper body strength to operate and allow more independence to the user. Knee scooters are also more stable and less painful to use than crutches, giving them the upperhand on safety and convenience.

  • What are they used for?

These mobile assistive devices are best used for nonweight-bearing-medical-conditions such as below-the-knee sprains, fractures, diabetic foot conditions, Charcot foot, etc. There are many surgeries that also require non-weight bearing rest periods, including Achilles tendon ruptures, ankle replacements, hammertoe operations and bunionectomies.

  • Is a knee walker better than crutches?

You can customize your knee scooter with options to attach cup holders, mount cell-phones, and decorate. Have you ever attempted to hold a drink while handling crutches? Chances are, that drink either ended up on the floor, or you had to use a friend’s available hands. The independence that knee walkers provide versus other mobility methods is unmatched, making them a much-preferred option to crutches.​

  • Can I use a knee scooter outside?


  • Questions about Knee Scooter rental.

  • How does it work?

Choose your model (and length of rental), enjoy your scooter, & then return with the provided shipping.

  • When will my knee walker arrive?

We deliver rentals that arrive anywhere from 1-3 days depending on your location. Shipping is free on purchases on $100 or more.

  • How do I return it?

Keep the original box, inside you will be provided with a return label. You can drop the box off at the end of your rental to any Fed Ex  store location, or schedule a pick up. 

  • Is there a deposit?


  • What if I need to extend my rental?

Contact us to let us know how long you would like to extend for, and we will process the credit card information on file (or you can provide a new one). All rental fees apply toward the purchase of your rental unit if you are worried about cost effectively.

  • Do you accept insurance?

We are considered an out of network provider just like other knee walker rental companies. We can accept Flex Spending or HSA cards for payment but do not file claims directly to the insurance companies. If it is something you are covered for, you may be able to submit a claim yourself for direct reimbursement.

We recommend contacting your insurance company to inquire what your coverage options for knee walkers, or billing code E0118. That stands for "lower leg platform, with or without wheels" which is what all knee walkers or knee scooters are categorized under. 

Please note we are not a Medicare or Medicaid provider.

  • How much assembly is required?

All assembly is quick and easy and of course full instructions are provided.

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